Registration Requirements For Heavy Vehicles. As a heavy vehicle owner, you need to register your vehicle. For registering your vehicle, you need to submit tax payment proof to the Department of Motor Vehicle.  In the US, heavy vehicle owners need to file a 2290 tax form and pay the HVUT with the IRS. Internal Revenue Service provides proof to the vehicle owner. Here, we provide information about the requirement for your registration, and when you get that requirement.

Requirement for Registration

In the United States, if vehicles weight 55,000 pounds or more, then the vehicle owner needs to file the tax form and pay the tax with the IRS. When IRS accepting taxpayer form, the IRS provides the tax payment proof or stamped schedule 1 to the taxpayer. Some vehicles expected to be used 5000 miles or less during the tax period can have their Heavy Vehicle Used Tax suspended. The mileage limit is 7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles. If agriculture vehicles do not exceed the mileage limit, the vehicles exempted from the HVUT. Those suspended vehicles are not required to pay the 2290 HVUT but must file a tax form with the IRS.  Suspended vehicle owners need to intimate their vehicle status with the IRS. And IRS provides the stamped schedule 1 to the suspended vehicle owners.

For vehicle registration, this stamped schedule 1 mandatory. Without stamped schedule 1, Vehicle owners don’t do the vehicle registration. DMO must require schedule 1 for registering vehicles. If the taxpayer uses online filing, then the taxpayer gets a digital schedule 1 from the IRS. The digital schedule 1 works the same as a stamped schedule 1.

If You Lost Your 2290 Schedule 1

The taxpayer must require stamped schedule 1 not only for vehicle registration but also required for when he operates a vehicle on the public highway. For instance, as a vehicle operator, if you operate your vehicle on a public highway without proof, sometimes you have a chance to go to prison.  For getting stamped schedule 1, the taxpayer must need to file and pay the tax with the IRS.

If you lost your schedule 1, then you need to login to your E-file account. Once login into your account, you can simply get your digital schedule 1. Or else contact the IRS for getting stamped schedule 1. But every taxpayer needs to carry the schedule 1 when he is using the heavy vehicle on the public highway.

Exception for Newly Purchased Heavy Vehicles

If you purchased a new vehicle, then you don’t require tax payment proof for registering your vehicle. This exception is only for registration. You must need to file the 2290 tax form and paid the HVUT taxes with the IRS. If you purchased a vehicle in July, then you file the tax form following the month of the last day.

Example of Exception

Registration Requirements For Heavy Vehicles. If Operator purchased a vehicle in September, then the vehicle registered with the state within 60 days of the purchased date. And received tags without submission of form 2290 and schedule 1. But the operator needs to file and pay the tax at the end of October.

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