How Can I Fix a 2290 Form Duplicate Filing Error? As a filer, you must know the reason if Internal Revenue Service rejecting your 2290 form. Internal Revenue Service rejected tax forms due to various reasons. If you enter incorrect data like incorrect Employer Identification Number, wrong Vehicle Identification Number, and incorrect taxable gross weight, then the IRS rejected your form. Also, if you report the same VIN double time, the IRS rejected your form. So you must enter the data carefully to file the tax form. Here, we provide details about duplicate 2290 form.

How the IRS Recognize Duplicate 2290 Forms?

If you are the owner of heavy vehicles, then you must report your vehicles on the 2290 form. If you use your vehicles for a different tax period, then you must file separate tax forms. For instance, if you use your one of vehicles in July, then you must file the form 2290 online filing in August. And if you use another vehicle in August, then you must file tax form in September. Because based on your tax period, your vehicle tax calculated. When you file the tax form second time in September, you don’t need to report the already reported Vehicle Identification Number. If you enter the reported Vehicle Identification Number, the Internal Revenue Service rejected your form. Internal Revenue Service considers this form as duplicate form.

What Happens If You File Form 2290 With Reported VIN?

If you file the form 2290 with the reported Vehicle Identification Number, then your form rejected. In the US, each vehicle contains a unique identification number at the time of registration vehicles get VIN. Vehicle Identification Number is a 17 character number and it is a combination of digits and alphabets. You must enter carefully when you enter your VIN on the form because if you entered double time you form rejected. IRS does not accept your form if you report your vehicle Identification Number double time. So, as a filer, you must enter the vehicle identification number carefully to file the tax form. If your form rejected, then you need to resubmit the form again with the IRS.

Remove the Reported VIN from Return

If your form is rejected due to duplicate 2290 form filing, then you need to resubmit the form again with the IRS. You can file the 2290 form as quickly as possible to avoid penalties. For instant filing, you must use a 2290 online filing. You can remove the vehicle identification number and file the form instantly through online filing. Then Internal Revenue Service accepts your form and provides a schedule 1. Schedule 1 is mandatory for vehicle operators who operate their heavy vehicles on the highway.

How Can I Fix a 2290 Form Duplicate Filing Error? To file the 2290 tax form, you must enter the data carefully. If you enter the data accurately, then you form successfully submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. After IRS accepting your road tax form, you get a stamped schedule 1 instantly. For getting schedule 1, you don’t need to wait if you file the 2290 tax return correctly.

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